Our Team & Services

Hydromine™ Products includes a 1000m2 factory and 400m2 of office space areas and is centrally located in Longmeadow Business Park, where the following services are provided:

Our factory always carries approximately R5M worth of stock, which ensures far shorter delivery periods.

Hydromine Staff

Hydromine™ Products is now Green @ Work

We have installed a Solar Power System to cater for all our internal electrical requirements. We are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for not only our business but also our country and our planet through: 

Commitment to the 3 "R's"

Hydromine Solar Panels

Conserving energy, water and other natural resources. Compliance with all environmental regulations. Striving to buy, sell and use only environmentally friendly products. Educating employees, customers and other businesses.

Consulting & Turnkey Projects:

Hydromine™ Products offers a variety of services such as design, manufacturing and commissioning of: