Condition Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance

Many studies have revealed the importance of being on top of plant maintenance when trying to cut down on unplanned production losses. Deploying a predictive and preventative maintenance plan is becoming increasingly critical and recognised as such across the globe. Hydromine™ projects is focussed on reducing your downtime and improving efficiencies as this will always improve profitability as well as safety.

Hydromine™ projects has secured a few field based technologies which will empower your Technicians and Engineers to make well informed decisions regarding the plant and equipment. Having the right information regarding potential production impacting failures before they occur will enable you to take corrective action, ensure that you have the relevant spares and team ready to move when required.

Technology has also developed to include electrical circuits and equipment into the testing programs so decision makes can look at a complete equipment health picture and not just the mechanical equipment.


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